Fat reduction & liposuction For Men

The ideal abdominal contour is that of taut abdominal skin with a thin layer of subcutaneous fat and a well-toned muscle wall. It is often desirable for men to have their muscle anatomy visible from the skin surface. Men often desire reduction of lower abdominal and flank fat and accentuation of the muscle contour to project a more athletic and masculine image. 

The abdominal “six pack” consists of a slightly visible vertical depression in the abdominal midline, and another vertical depression on each side, combined with horizontal muscular inscriptions. Oblique linear depressions may be created just above the groin creases that delineate the abdomen from the thigh.

Structural fat grafting is an increasingly popular complementary procedure where the suctioned fat is purified and grafted in targeted areas to accentuate the body contours, such as the pectoralis and abdominal muscles. These procedures enhance the image of one’s athleticism, masculinity, and authority.

Liposuction may also be performed in the arms, thighs, and buttocks where localized fat deposits are present, and is used to achieve aesthetic harmony with the abdomen and chest.

How Does It Manifest?

Despite having normal weight, individuals may have unsightly localized fat deposits that obscure the muscle contour and create unaesthetic silhouettes. Men tend to deposit fat in the arms, flanks (“love handles”) and the lower abdomen, in contrast with women, who tend to have deposits in the side boobs, inner arms, hips, thighs, and lower abdomen.

How does it arise?

Fat deposits may be developmental (“born with it”), persist after weight loss, or occur as a natural consequence of aging. Fat deposits may accumulate despite having a normal BMI and is a result of intrinsic metabolic changes in the fat cells (adipocytes) that occur with age.


Treatment | Liposuction

Liposuction is a safe procedure for trained and experienced hands. Common areas for liposuction include the arms, the side boobs, the flanks and abdomen, hips, thighs and calves. High definition liposuction is a technique where muscle contours are intentionally accentuated in addition to fat removal.

Liposuction is an ambulatory procedure that is performed under intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.

The following are good candidates for liposuction:

  • Stable weight for at least 3 months
  • Normal or near-normal BMI with localized fat deposits
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Individuals with suboptimal results from previous non-surgical treatment(s), including fat freezing and external lipolysis procedures

Individuals who have a high BMI may wish to consider other forms of weight loss interventions (e.g. diet and exercise interventions, or bariatric surgery) to achieve ideal weight prior to liposuction for best results. Individuals with loose skin folds may wish to consider other procedures, such as abdominoplasty, brachioplasty or thighplasty.

Liposuction sculpts an aesthetic masculine body silhouette by reduction of unsightly localized fat deposits and creation of appropriate contours that accentuate muscle definition. It minimizes scars and prevents formation of excess skin folds postoperatively. Fat grafting may be performed to relevant areas to further enhance muscle definition, and is complementary to liposuction. The overall result is an enhancement of the athletic, toned, and masculine look.

Individuals are advised to stop herbal supplements and traditional medicine, and start special medications 7 days prior to surgery to minimize bruising and swelling.

Small incisions are made near the areas of intended liposuction, and local anesthetic is infused for optimal intra- and post- operative pain relief. Using specialized cannulas and equipment available at Picasso Plastic Surgery, the fat is broken up and aspirated under negative pressure. The optimal amount of fat to be removed is a fine art: sufficient to restore an aesthetic contour, yet within appropriate limits to permit the skin to shrink postoperatively and prevent formation of loose skin folds. Proprietary techniques are used to achieve further contour definition (high definition liposuction) in specific areas. In cases where concurrent fat grafting is to be performed to other areas, the fat is extracted, processed, and grafted into the relevant areas through small incisions. Individualizing the surgical approach produces natural-looking, elegant, and bespoke outcomes. Intimate knowledge of the anatomical differences between both genders permits administration of gender-specific treatment. This delivers attractive and bespoke outcomes.

Many individuals are able to return to work between the 5th and 7th postoperative day. Depending on the extent of liposuction performed, most of the swelling and bruising will mostly resolve by the 14th postoperative day. Stitch removal is usually performed on the 10th postoperative day.

Showering is possible on the 2nd postoperative day. Specific post-operative compression garments may be required in the first 2 weeks to minimize postoperative bruising and swelling, and to guide the shrinkage of the skin and prevention of irregular skin folds. Bruising may be minimized by avoidance of strenuous activity for the first 2 weeks. Individuals may return to their original exercise and gym routines after about 3 weeks.

The Picasso Advantage

Dr Yeo is experienced with liposuction and incorporates proprietary techniques to deliver exquisite and sustained results while minimizing the postoperative recovery time. Our clinic has an en suite operating facility that has MOH certification as an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC). This assures your maximal privacy and convenience while keeping facility and equipment costs contained. Our operating room carries a full range of liposuction equipment tailored for liposuction and structural fat grafting aimed at delivering optimal results.

Is liposuction safe?

Administering effective and safe treatments are the cornerstones of care delivery at Picasso Plastic Surgery. MOH has a set of stringent regulations to ensure patient safety. In accordance with these regulations:

  • Liposuction may be performed by plastic surgeons, or non-specialist practitioners possessing appropriate MOH licensing. Dr Yeo is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience with liposuction for both aesthetic and reconstructive purposes
  • Liposuction cases need to be performed at certified Ambulatory Surgical Centers. Our clinic operating facility has received MOH certification as an ASC
  • Outpatient liposuction may be performed up to a maximum volume of 2 liters of supernatant fat (the fat fraction after separation from the fluid). Overnight stay in the hospital for monitoring is required for individuals desiring liposuction involving larger volumes. Dr Yeo has specialist credentialing at a broad range of private hospitals to facilitate overnight admission should individuals wish to perform liposuction beyond the 2 liter stipulation