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The Picasso Plastic Surgery Philosophy

Picasso Plastic Surgery is a well-established name in the Asia- Pacific region. We commit to delivering bespoke and exceptional outcomes by amalgamating the science and art of plastic surgery.

We offer a range of non-surgical and surgical options to meet your aesthetic and reconstructive needs, in a clinic environment optimized to deliver expedient, safe and comfortable care whilst maintaining maximal privacy. Our healthcare professionals leverage their rich experience and rigorous training to offer tailored solutions for your individual needs.

Good aesthetic and reconstructive outcomes arise from appreciation of the form and function of the human anatomy, an eye for detail, cumulative clinical experience and meticulous execution. We offer effective treatments that are based on strong medical evidence. We also hold safety in equal regard and conform to the highest safety standards and published guidelines.

Picasso plastic surgery – the choice destination for the discerning individual.

European Board Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
Academy Medicine of Singapore
College of Surgeons, Singapore
Singapore Society of Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgeons
Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons
European Board Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
Academy Medicine of Singapore
College of Surgeons, Singapore
Singapore Society of Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgeons
Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons

Dr Matthew Yeo

Dr Yeo has the unique global distinction of attaining both the Singapore and European board certifications as a plastic surgeon and has been in practice for 19 years. One of his career highlights is being awarded the Gold Medal in 2013 for emerging as the top candidate in the Singapore plastic surgery board examinations.

Dr Yeo spent significant time for post-graduate training in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan ROC, Thailand and Australia. With his extensive international experience, Dr Yeo understands the intricacies of anatomy and ideals of aesthetic surgery across multiple different ethnicities.

Education, Qualifications & Awards
Dr Yeo is the current National Secretary of Singapore of the elite International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an international network of esteemed plastic surgeons. He was conferred Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons; these are awarded exclusively to specialists.

Dr Yeo is an internationally acclaimed trainer for plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. He has accepted close to 200 speaking invitations in 5 years, in various premium professional-level conferences and courses in the Asia-Pacific region.

Academic Appointments & Achievements
Dr Yeo has a deep passion for educating the next generation and has been training many junior plastic surgeons and doctors. He dedicates his time as an adjunct associate professor with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore from 2019. He has a keen academic interest and serves as editor and reviewer for various peer-reviewed professional medical journals and holds various research patents and grants.

Dr Yeo is a firm believer in philanthropy and giving back to society. Since 2010, he has regularly participated in annual charity surgical camps, performing free reconstructive surgery for patients with congenital deformities and burn injuries. He has served in multinational peacekeeping operations in Iraq and has been awarded the SAF Overseas Operations Medal. He is fluent in English and Mandarin, and speaks basic Bahasa and Arabic.

Dr Matthew Yeo, Picasso Plastic Surgery, Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Singapore
Best aesthetic clinic Singapore

Our Clinic

Picasso Plastic Surgery is a specialist clinic located within Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Center, a premium private hospital in the central district in Singapore. Our clinic has an en-suite procedure room that ensures delivery of expedient, safe and comfortable care whilst maintaining maximal privacy. The clinic is adjoined to Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, a large private hospital with modern inpatient amenities and facilities for guests who require it.

Dr Yeo is credentialed to practice at all private hospitals in Singapore. We offer consultations at these other locations for your convenience.

Mount Elizabeth Novena

Hospital 38 Irrawaddy Rd, #11-53,
Singapore 329563

Parkway East
Medical Center

321 Joo Chiat Place, #04-07,
Singapore 427990

Mount Elizabeth
Medical Centre

3 Mount Elizabeth Road, #05-02,
Singapore 228510

Mount Alvernia Hospital
Medical Centre D

820 Thomson Road, #07-54,
Singapore 574623


401, Macpherson Road, #03-09/10,
Singapore 368125

Farrer Park

1 Farrer Park Station Road,
#11-19 Connexion, Singapore 217562

Our Team


Highly-qualified and experienced in non-surgical treatments, pre an post-operative care and scar management.

Administrative Team

Provide seamless experience by assisting guests with appointment scheduling and facilitating insurance claims.


Network of translators to assist with communication.

International Visitors

Picasso Plastic Surgery is proud to have hosted foreign patients and medical professionals from many parts of the world. The clinic is easily accessible by taxi and subway. There are many hotels within walking distance of the clinic that will suit the needs of foreign guests and their accompanying family and friends.

Find out why you should visit Picasso Plastic Surgery in Singapore.

Picasso plastic surgery - Singapore Plastic Surgeon
Picasso plastic surgery - Singapore Plastic Surgeon

What is Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the functional, structural and aesthetic restoration of defects and deformities of the human body. The term plastic surgery arises from the Greek word plastikos, which means “to mold” or “to form”.

Modern plastic surgery is based on two broad themes: reconstruction of disease states, and aesthetic enhancement of the normal form. It revolves around the physical restoration to achieve a normal human form, or enhancement of it. Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is a continuum of the same spectrum and utilizes overlapping skillsets and includes treatments using surgical and non-surgical methods.

Plastic surgery was described as early as 600 BCE by ancient Indian medical practitioner Sushruta, who took interest in reconstruction of nasal defects occurring in thieves who suffered nasal amputation as punishment for their deeds. Reconstructive surgery experienced a quantum leap following World War I, where many war casualties were treated for facial burn injuries and Dr Harold Gillies pioneered many reconstructive surgery techniques that restored facial form and function in many war victims.

Aesthetic treatments and aesthetic surgery were natural advancements arising from anatomical knowledge and technological innovations that subsequently arose. 

Today, plastic surgeons are at the forefront of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. It is a diverse and fascinating specialty that evolves with cultural perceptions of normalcy and attractiveness. Subspecialty interest within plastic surgery include aesthetic surgery, congenital craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery and craniofacial trauma.

Plastic Surgeons

The term “plastic surgeon” is regulated by the Medical Registration Act in Singapore. Bona fide plastic surgeons are required to enter, and complete a 7-year postgraduate training program in accredited hospitals in Singapore. Within Singapore, plastic surgery is a highly competitive specialty and only 2 to 5 candidates are selected nationwide to enter each year.

Plastic surgery training involves training in basic surgical principles and their safety, surgical apprenticeship where trainees are supervised through increasingly technically complex procedures, audits of their surgeries and academic publications, and finally culminating in a board examination where candidates are evaluated for their patient assessment, proposed management and aftercare. Because of the significant overlap between aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery is the only specialty that incorporates both in their specialty training.

Following board certification, these postgraduate doctors are formally recognized as specialists and plastic surgeons. Elite plastic surgeons further enhance their experience and skill by participating in fellowships and observerships with world-renowned plastic surgeons in their centers of excellence. The list of plastic surgeons in Singapore accredited by the Singapore Medical Council may be found here.

Picasso Plastic Surgery is located within Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Center, a private hospital in Singapore internationally known for its premium private healthcare services.

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