The face is the essence of our individual identity and is our social interface with the world. It plays a central role in our overall aesthetic and bears the legacy of our heritage, our life and our experiences. A youthful face is one that projects the image of happiness, vitality and confidence; an aged face speaks of one who is sad, tired and withdrawn. Facial beautification and rejuvenation has been sought after since the beginning of humanity and enhances one’s confidence through her appearance.

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Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Singapore


The breast is a unique mark of the feminine identity. It serves a life-giving function to the newborn child and also plays an important role in the female aesthetic. Aesthetic breasts convey youthfulness and femininity. They allow individuals to fit into a wide range of modern fashion and improve one’s confidence and social functioning.


The body is an external projection of our gender, age, health and fertility. It is an object of fascination by artists and sculptors alike. The female silhouette consists of gentle curves and lines, whereas the male form has angles and sharp transitions. The ravages of life damage our body form, and many seek to improve these deformities to help them to regain self-confidence and improve social functioning.

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Top liposuction plastic surgeon Singapore

Post Weight Loss Contouring

Attainment of the ideal body weight is an achievement in the previously obese individual. This is the fruit of labour involving months-to-years of dietary regulation, exercise and sometimes surgery. Such individuals still often carry the stigmata of their previous obesity, including loose muscle and excess skin folds. They may experience dissatisfaction with their body form. Post weight loss body contouring aims to restore the pre-obesity body form, improve symptoms and increase social functioning.


Advances in medical science now permit the attainment of beautification and rejuvenation in minimally-invasive manner. When administered in a thoughtful and artistic way, non-surgical treatments help selected individuals turn back the biological clock with minimal recovery time.

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Men are not left out in the quest to achieve beautification and rejuvenation. Modern men are increasingly attentive to their appearance and seek such treatments. The image of a youthful man is one that projects masculinity, confidence and authority. A deep knowledge of the unique anatomy in males is required to deliver outstanding and bespoke results.

Reconstructive Surgery

A keystone of rehabilitation from illness is the restoration of form and function – this is the essence of reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is required following cancer removal surgery, accidents and trauma, burn injuries and in congenital malformations. Successful reconstructive surgery restores one’s form and function and permits the individual to return to normal life and social function.

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Pre & Post Procedural Care

Surgery delivers significant and long-lasting benefits for aesthetic and reconstructive conditions. Optimal pre and post-procedural care help individuals attain the better results and reduce recovery time.

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