Picasso Plastic Surgery:
The choice destination for the discerning

Picasso Plastic Surgery is a well-established name in the Asia-Pacific region. We deliver bespoke and exceptional outcomes by amalgamating the science and art of plastic surgery.

Our healthcare professionals leverage on their rich experience and rigorous training to offer tailored solutions for your individual needs. Our clinic environment is optimised to deliver safe and effective care.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. Find out more about our non-surgical and surgical treatments for aesthetic and reconstructive conditions.

Picasso Plastic Surgery:
The choice destination for the discerning

Dr Matthew Yeo Sze Wei Picasso Plastic Surgeon in Singapore.

Dr Matthew Yeo

Founder and medical director of Picasso Plastic Surgery

Dr Yeo has the unique global distinction of attaining both the Singapore and European board certifications as a plastic surgeon and has been in practice for 19 years. One of his career highlights is being awarded the Gold Medal in 2013 for emerging as the top candidate in the Singapore plastic surgery board examinations. He spent significant time for post-graduate training in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan ROC, Thailand and Australia. 

Between 2016 and 2019, he was privileged to serve as the Chairman of the Chapter of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, College of Surgeons, Singapore. In 2020, he was elected as the National Secretary for Singapore for the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS).

Dr Yeo is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr Yeo is frequently invited as a lecturer to local and regional professional medical conferences.


What We Do


The face is the essence of our individual identity and is our social interface with the world. It plays a central role in our overall aesthetic and bears the legacy of our heritage, our life and our experiences.

A youthful face is one that projects the image of happiness, vitality and confidence; an aged face speaks of one who is sad, tired and withdrawn. Facial beautification and rejuvenation has been sought after since the beginning of humanity and enhances one’s confidence through her appearance.

Facial Surgery Services in Singapore.
Breast Plastic Surgery in Singapore.


The breast is a unique mark of the feminine identity. It serves a life-giving function to the newborn child and also plays an important role in the female aesthetic. Aesthetic breasts convey youthfulness and femininity. They allow individuals to fit into a wide range of modern fashion and improve one’s confidence and social functioning.


The body is an external projection of our gender, age, health and fertility. It is an object of fascination by artists and sculptors alike. The female silhouette consists of gentle curves and lines, whereas the male form has angles and sharp transitions. The ravages of life damage our body form, and many seek to improve these deformities to help them to regain self-confidence and improve social functioning.

Body Contouring Surgery in Singapore.
Non-Surgical Services in Singapore.


Advances in medical science now permit the attainment of beautification and rejuvenation in minimally-invasive manner. When administered in a thoughtful and artistic way, non-surgical treatments help selected individuals turn back the biological clock with minimal recovery time.

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Medical Tourism and International Patients

Singapore is internationally known for its excellent private healthcare, and consistently ranks highly among the first-world countries.

Picasso Plastic Surgery welcomes international visitors seeking aesthetic and reconstructive services and we are experienced in facilitating your visit and your care. We are privileged to have hosted foreign patients and medical professionals from many parts of the world.

Our clinic is located at the central district in Singapore and is easily accessible by taxi and subway (Novena MRT station). There are many hotels within walking distance of the clinic that will suit the needs of patients and their loved ones.

Our Philosophy

“Know the Ideal Beautiful Normal” – this is the eighth of 33 principles laid out by Dr Ralph Millard, one of the forefathers of modern plastic surgery in his landmark work, Principilization of Plastic Surgery.  This resonates with us here at Picasso Plastic Surgery; we aim to create the ideal beautiful normal in our daily work.

We amalgamate the science and artistry of plastic surgery to deliver exceptional and bespoke outcomes that are elegant and natural.  We draw upon a wide range of evidenced-based non-surgical and surgical treatments tailored to the individual’s expectations and anatomy. 

In the spirit of advancing the plastic surgery specialty, we constantly challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations.


Picasso Plastic Surgery is located within Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Center, a private hospital in Singapore internationally known for its premium private healthcare services.

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